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  • Asian Attractions Expo 2018

    Asian Attractions Expo 2018, that is Hong Kong IAAPA Exhibition, is leading by the American association of IAAPA professional amusement industry exhibition held in the Asian region. The first Asian exhibition is held in Shanghai in 2006, next round …

    learn more 18-05-8
  • Mini Pirate Ship For Sale

    Product Description Pirate ship ride, as a popular thrilling amusement ride, is an essential part of theme park, amusement park, fairground and carnivals. The pirate ship ride for sale looks like an ancient pirate ship in the shap…

    learn more 17-12-19
  • Kid mini flying car for sale

    Like a roller coaster, but more thrilling and exciting! Sitting on the car, slide down the track, scream out with your partner!   Specifications: 1.Product name: Kids flying car ZXFC08 2.Load : 8 riders 3.Area size: 7.8m*4.3m*2.1m 4.Voltage : …

    learn more 17-12-16
  • Crazy Flying Car For Sale

    Indoor amusement park rides used commercial playground equipment flying car rides for sale  is suitable for kids. Electric Flying car ride for kids is a newly designed product. It has vivid and attraction style which can attractive children to pla…

    learn more 17-12-16
  • Amusement Train Rides Trackless Train Rides Delivery To Our Customer

    Amusement train rides is from professional manufacturer it is with attractive appearance, reasonal price,high quality,reliable performance.our trackless train is going to be delivered to our customer. We also have many other types train rides,please…

    learn more 17-07-5
  • Kids Amusement Rides Mini Flying Car Rides For Delivery

    This mini flying car rides is suitable for children and adults over 120cm. Movement characteristics of the product is put circle rotation and sliding motion along the orbit together. Besides, it has beautiful shape, bright color, vivid and bright fi…

    learn more 17-07-5
  • Benefits Of Playing Kids Amusement Rides For Kids

    Children play amusement equipment not only contributes to the health of children, but also has many advantages. 1.The difference of children’s play style of the device can cause children’s strong curious psychology, the development of ch…

    learn more 17-07-5
  • Congratulations customers indoor park rides playground opened! Extra cash!

    Uzbekistan is our indoor park rides designed for one of the more successful cases, from the selection of the design of indoor venues, amusement equipment, shipping, as well as to the customer’s final installation, we make every effort to desig…

    learn more 17-07-5
  • Our train is on the foreign CCTV

    Our train is on the foreign CCTV,the tourist train is electric power with closed cabins,can load 42 riders,the tourist train is used on the tourist attractions.

    learn more 17-07-5
  • Train rides get into our customer’s local TV

    Our customer purchase the trackless train from our Modern Amusement Group Co,. Ltd.,he is so excited and satisfied with the trackless train,he advertised on local TV of this train.The train rides will be soon go into running,wish our customer have h…

    learn more 17-07-5
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