Merry go round rides mini carousel rides for sale

   Lots of carousel rides are big for kids, maybe you are still boring with this. A new type of mini carousel for sale is design for kids now. This new model amusement carousel ride is attractive to little kids, sometimes we also called it the mini merry go round. Many parents likes purchase one for their little kids at home, sometimes you can also find it before a small shopping mall.

modern amusement
   It consisting of a rotating circular platform with cute mini carousel animal seats for little riders.Generally speaking, the seats are made up of carousel horse, little ponies or zebras. But you can find some others cartoon animals, which are moved up and down by running to simulate galloping,such as, seahorse ride.
  The mini carousel game ride for kiddie,also with favor novelappearance,colorful,safe,with music and LED lamp to attract a lots of people.

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