How to choose children inflatable equipment manufacturers

How to find a good child inflatable equipment manufacturers? One well inflatable manufacturers, not only in the quality of the product is guaranteed, and also the product design is very new and after-sales service is also in place, as long as the customer provides the site of the size of the map , Manufacturers will give a reasonable site planning and design, and then according to the design program to the production of Fort.
So how to choose inflatable equipment manufacturers do?
The first point: to see whether the agents, the general price of agents are relatively high, most of the people are more understanding.
Second: the manufacturers of various business licenses are complete.
The third point: inflatable equipment manufacturers reputation in the industry how.
The fourth point: the production of research and development capabilities, field trips to see if there is their own production workshop and design research and development team.
Fifth point: after-sales service is in place in time, a lot of inflatable equipment wear more serious, if there is damage to the manufacturers if the timely replacement, if not timely replacement will affect the children's park business, direct and indirect economic losses will Very serious.
Grasp the above points believe that many investors can find the ideal child inflatable equipment manufacturers.
Grasp the above points believe that many investors can find the ideal child naughty Fort equipment manufacturers.

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